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Pioneering technologies

Bringing the best to the surface

  • Node agnostic, Node on a Rope, ROV or AUV Deployment
  • Continuous Recording, Simultaneous Source
  • Full Azimuth, Full Broadband
  • Scalable Operations, Exploration to Life of Field 4D
  • Remote Locations to Congested Infrastructure
  • Onboard Quality Assurance
  • Project Management Excellence

AGS fields the latest nodal technologies in all our operations. Through our comprehensive planning and design tools, smart systems and understanding your survey requirements, our geophysicists can work with your explorationists and development engineers to select the optimum technologies and applicable methodologies to meet your requirements.

We believe we are offering a technical level and productive capacity ahead of the competition and we intend to maintain this advantage by continuing to innovate with advanced technology making faster, safer and higher resolution acquisition of seismic data reality.

Our strong geophysical and processing alliances with the very best providers in the industry can be seamlessly integrated into the survey solutions as required.

Node agnostic, Node on a Rope, ROV or AUV Deployment

AGS is node agnostic meaning we have the ability to handle any system. Our proprietary nodal recovery and deployment system ‘Constant Velocity™,’ keeps your survey on the move, increasing production without conventional system or station interval constraints. Handling systems can be attached to virtually any vessel providing flexible mobilization worldwide. For deepwater projects, AGS can deploy and retrieve with ROVs and is ready to work with your AUV systems for autonomous operations.

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Continuous Recording, Simultaneous Source

Continuous recording is inherent with AGS’s nodal recording systems. We take full advantage of that by offering simultaneous source acquisition, either on a single vessel with wraparound recording or multiple source vessels operating in concert. Data can be delivered to our client as overlapping Continuous Receiver Gathers or, via our strategic processing partners, as deblended Common Shot Gathers.

Full Azimuth, Full Broadband

AGS’s extensive node inventory enables full azimuth long offset geometries critical for today’s processing and imaging needs and offers advance source techniques to maximize your bandwidth.

Scalable Operations, Exploration to Life of Field 4D

Our scalable crew structure maximizes the efficiency and minimizes the costs of each project, bringing exactly the right resources to bear, depending on the geographic location and scope of your project, whether it is a regional exploration 2D or Sparse 3D survey through to a reservoir focused 4D development study. AGS offers multiple options for your source, dual source, triple source, quad’ source and more. The seamless options we provide can be used for conventional projects through to those that are more unique and logistically challenging. AGS can provide multiple configurations offering flexibility resulting in a customized, efficient and safely delivered product.

Remote Locations to Congested Infrastructure

From operations in the furthest reaches of the seas to some of the busiest shipping lanes and most congested offshore infrastructures in the world, AGS management and crews have conducted successful ocean-bottom seismic projects in virtually all conditions. Our crews are equally skilled in supporting remote logistics as well as coordinating SIMOPS in busy oilfields, critical capabilities with the increasing importance of both frontier exploration and incremental development and near field exploration strategies. AGS’s geophysicists use a combination of survey planning, real time acquisition monitoring, high technology seismic sources and flexible node deployment systems to optimise the azimuth, offsets and fold for near infrastructure surveys.

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Onboard Quality Assurance

AGS use leading edge software and highly experienced geophysicists to provide integrated field-based quality assurance products. Pre-start up checks are performed for each survey. Custom displays provide real time quality control of the acquisition including shots, noise levels, near traces and RMS amplitude. Comprehensive field reports are delivered to the processing team to assist the final processing effort.

Project Management Excellence

We know that the interface between disciplines realizes the highest potential for innovation. We do this internally with exchange of experiences and in close collaboration with other technology providers. AGS will take cross-discipline technology solutions and combine those with off-the-shelf products to provide solutions for complex challenges. We field these latest technologies and customized methodologies on projects around the globe. We know that streamlined deployment and recovery provides survey flexibility, precision and speed, and this is exactly what our customers need.

We follow a plan, execute and deliver the best way possible; our performance brings the best to the surface. Our intelligence, our ideas, our DNA, is embodied in everything we do; we are genuinely committed to providing the very best deliverable in the most efficient and safe way possible.

We provide choices, so you can make the best business decision for your project. AGS can offer technology choices, multiple energy source choices and multiple configuration options; all of this means maximum efficiency. We will deliver the right service solutions for your project success at a competitive price.