Integrated Operations Management System

All of AGS operations are conducted under the framework of our Integrated Operations Management System (iOMS). Our system employs a strong project management principle and covers the risk management and controls, procedures and processes required to competently undertake our tasks.

HSE OMS Wheel v3

The iOMS is structured according to the guidelines stipulated in the report by OGP (OGP-510, June 2014). The scope of the iOMS addresses a broad range of tasks impacts or threats; that impact the wellbeing of the environment in which we work, the communities with which we interact, the employees and subcontractors as well as the business results AGS aims to achieve. By bringing together the management of key aspects of running a successful business, the iOMS achieves company-wide consistency, across all assets and activities, at every location and the entire workforce.

The AGS iOMS combines and integrates the elements of quality, health and safety, environment, personnel, finance, security and operations, primarily taking into consideration IOGP guidelines, ISO guidelines, OSHA standards, IAGC recommendations as well as other regulatory requirements and obligations.